Retirement Planning

Delivering Professional Investment, Planning & Insurance Services to Greater Victoria for over 40 years.

Peace Of Mind For Your Best Years

Worrying about your retirement? Working with a qualified professional on a retirement plan to understand the implications of different choices, finding creative ways to invest and maximizing your retirement savings is your first step.

Your Income And Lifestyle

Planning for the lifestyle and spending you want available to you in retirement as early as possible is often your best bet to achieve them. A comprehensive retirement plan from The Wright Brothers takes in account your income, investments, real estate, pensions and any other sources of cashflow to provide you with projections measured against your goals.

Tax Benefits

One of the ways The Wright Brothers can help clients is to make best use of financial products that provide the best tax advantage over the long-term - using careful planning to help you avoid paying too much tax. Thankfully, products like RRSPs and TFSAs do exactly this and offer you a great place to invest tax sheltered retirement savings.

Your Life In Retirement

This might surprise you, but retirement planning doesn't end at retirement. As you age you become eligible for products like a RRIF (Registered Retirement Income Fund) that continue to allow you to defer tax, control your income, and transfer your assets tax-free to your spouse when you pass.

Curious About Your Financial Needs In Retirement?

Get a professional opinion. The Wright Brothers offer a complimentary financial needs analysis tool. To take advantage of this please download the tool and follow the provided instructions.